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 "Tribute" (Mural located on 2nd and Main in Artesia, NM)


Made possible through the Artesia Arts & Cultural District Mural Program, this mural pays tribute to three influential artists from the Southeast New Mexico area: Peter Hurd, Henriette Wyeth, and Luis Jimenez. Also included are the portraits of SP and Estelle Yates, whose arts patronage and work with the public library helped instill an appreciation and access to arts and culture for Artesians of all ages, myself included. The emphasis of "Tribute" is a vibrant mashup of various Hurd landscapes and sky paintings, with portraits inset into the landscape: (left to right) SP and Estelle Yates, Peter Hurd painting plein-aire (wearing the sweater from his portrait by artist and wife Henriette Wyeth), and a vaquero on a bucking bronco in the style of Luis Jimenez. Flowers from Henriette Wyeth’s still-life paintings and Luis Jimenez’s cacti and serape pattern “frame” the four corners of the mural. Other artworks referenced include Jimenez's "Cruzando el Rio Bravo" and Hurd's "The Runaway Calf."

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